Robyn Rutley is the owner and CEO of AM-BOSS Access Ladders, a family run company that was started by her father in 1979. She joined him in 2004 and her husband Graeme joined her in 2007. Since 2011 Robyn and Graeme have been responsible for managing Manufacturing and Production, Quality Control, Implementing Management Systems and maintaining CodeMark Certification.

In 1979 AM-BOSS first designed and manufactured prototypes of pull-down access ladders. The product was an immediate success and in 1981, AM-BOSS made its first Melbourne Home Show appearance. 

AM-BOSS’ longevity in the industry means we have learnt and have perfected the most optimal designs using a combination of quality materials, professional expertise and exceptional workmanship.

Owner Robyn Rutley describes how this Australian-made product has no equal when it comes to safety and certification, and on top of that, is a product that has become respected globally for its workmanship and reliability.

AM-BOSS is the 2022 Sponsor of our Education series of podcasts.

  • Published: June 28, 2022   
  • Categories: Education