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Stormtech is an Australian owned company that provides Architectural Grates and Drains for bathrooms, thresholds, paved concrete areas, balconies, and pools. Stormtech was a Winner of the DesignMark 2004 Australian Design Awards.


Episode 17: Russel Harris, Craig Brennan and Cecelia Wells explain the importance of windows, window design and window technology in a podcast brought to you by AWS

GWA Technical Manager Russell Harris joins Azuma’s Craig Brennan and Cecilia Wells, Senior Associate at architectural firm Jackson Teece to give their in-depth and interesting views on why windows and window design is so crucial to any home, not just for the aesthetics and moisture control, but also for the energy savings and overall sustainability rating. This podcast is crucial for anyone building or thinking of building a house or commercial structure where their facade integrity and carbon footprint is crucial.