We speak with Ruth Wilson about her diverse and accomplished 30-year career that has seen her manage large, complex projects and direct multidisciplinary teams towards buildings and places that exist at the forefront of innovative design.

Wilson’s role at Architectus spans being Studio Leader in Melbourne, a member of the Board of Architectus and an active leader of projects in higher education and the public domain. She specialises in projects involving large and complex stakeholder groups and is often sought after to set the strategy for engagement and lead the consultation process.

A recurring theme in Wilson’s projects is development within large existing precincts – be it university campuses, airports or on significant urban sites such as the State Library Victoria. Working with existing assets, including heritage-listed buildings, and designing for ongoing operation during construction, Wilson has utilised her lateral thinking and well-honed collaborative skills to ensure these complex and sensitive projects come to fruition.

  • Published: May 28, 2020   
  • Categories: Commercial