Software platform Speckel has been designed to guide users through an often-bewildering maze of ideas and requirements.

Co-developer Darren O’Dea talks about simple ways to create better opportunities for building design and construction teams to work together to improve outcomes for the built environment – all via the Speckel platform.

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Darren O’Dea

Over the past 10 years, Darren has developed a wide range of technical and business development expertise covering the assessment, delivery and management of Building Physics consultancy.

Taking an industry leadership position, Darren has authored 50 + articles in blogs on the subject of Building Physics and its role in architecture and engineering.

In addition, Darren has advised the ABCB,
ClimateWorks, the Green Building Council of Australia on matters of energy efficiency and managed the Australian Passive House Association as the 2017/18 Chairperson.

Today, Darren is Chief Building Physics Nerd at Fabric First, a boutique consultancy focusing on building fabric design and construction and CEO of Speckel, a new software platform prompting better building envelope design and procurement.