In Episode 26 of Talking Architecture & Design, we talk innovation, design, disruption and of course what’s the latest cool gadget from the super-innovative engineers at Dyson.

Featuring Dyson’s Will Darvill & Associate Professor Sean Cain from Monash University, this podcast talks about light technology, circadian lighting, lighting as a recuperative solution and how we are on the cutting edge of a new revolution in new lighting design, lighting usage and the recent launch of Lightcycle, the latest in Dyson technology.

Sean Cain

Sean Cain is an expert in circadian rhythms. He is the current President on the Australasian Chronobiology Society. His laboratory focuses on individual differences in the sensitivity of the circadian system to light and how these differences lead to poor health outcomes, including sleep disorders, metabolic disease, and depression.

Will Darville

Will Darville leads a global technical engineering and product management team – working on class leading products which combine patented technologies, complex embedded electronics, and which are paired with connected solutions for enhanced user experience.
His is responsible for the strategy, execution and delivery of a roadmap of projects, along with current support, and end of life activities.
With more than 9 years experience in developing specialist and consumer products, Darville has a proven track record of delivery in a technically challenging and fast paced industry, all whilst maintaining high standards of reliability and safety. 

  • Published: January 29, 2020   
  • Categories: Commercial