Scott Davies is an Urban Designer who in his own words is all about creating places people love. 

Scott had over 14 years experience in urban design across Australia, with a focus on large scale precinct planning, master planning for town centres and urban regeneration.

One of Hassell’s Senior Associates, Scott Davies, is the project lead on Hassell’s work in the new Western Sydney Aerotropolis and its strategic urban design and public realm framework.

 In a timely move, after all our rain and flooding we have had in Sydney, Scott is tasked with implementing Hassell’s vision for the newly announced precinct plan will completely transform the most degraded catchment in the Hawkesbury-Nepean River by incorporating world-leading urban planning, environment design and mostly important, designing for Country principals. 

But it’s his work with the Western Sydney Aerotropolis that is of most interest.

  • Published: August 9, 2022   
  • Categories: Commercial