Professor Michael Stacey is an award-winning architect, who combines practice, teaching, research and writing, based in London at the Bartlett / UCL and Michael Stacey Architects.

Professor Stacey is the author of a wide range of publications and books including Component Design, 2001, Digital Fabrication, 2004, Concrete: a studio design guide, 2011, Prototyping Architecture, 2013, Aluminium and Durability, 2014, second edition 2015, Aluminium Recyclability and Recycling, 2015, Aluminium: Flexible and Light, 2016, and Aluminium: Sympathetic and Powerful, 2020.

In this exclusive and wide-ranging interview, Prof Stacey explains why Aluminium is an amazing and underrated building material and why in many ways, we are now well and truly in the ‘Aluminium Age’.

This podcast was sponsored by DECO Australia who specialise in a range of quality aluminium building products and durable decorative finishes for effortless, beautiful living.