We talk to World famous Egyptologist Dr Mostafa Waziry on the upcoming Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs  exhibition that is coming to the Australian Museum in Sydney on November 18, featuring over 180 priceless artefacts, many never seen outside of Egypt.

Dr Waziry talks about the uniqueness of Egyption building techniques, scientific advancements and why the fascination with Ancient Egypt and its culture is as strong as ever, some 40 centuries after the height of own Golden Age.

Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs will be be held at the Australian Museum, 1 William Street, Sydney and is presented in partnership with World Heritage Exhibitions, Neon and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, with the support of Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the NSW Government.

  • Published: September 12, 2023   
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