Based in Clontarf, NSW, James Cooper has been implementing the principles of sustainable design for over 25 years and brings his knowledge of passive solar and climate conscious design to his client base primarily in Sydney, but also in regional VIC, NSW and QLD – providing high end design solutions with a built in focus on thermal performance maximisation.

James has won many awards over the course of his career. He is a Multi-time National Award winner of Environmental and Energy Efficient Building Designs and Multi Time National Design Award for New Residential and Commercial Building Designs. 

 Most recently in 2022, James won the National Design Award for Heritage Buildings/Adaptive reuse  for  Laureston House in Gladesville NSW.

He talks with us on the differences between passive house, passive solar and passive design and also how and why location / orientation, façade materials, shading, and window/door glazing considerations affect house design.

This podcast is brought to you in association with AWS, proud sponsors of our 2023  Sustainable series of podcasts.