The Sydney Opera House is one of our nation’s most treasured cultural landmarks. With almost 11 million visitors per year, the Sydney Opera House illustrates how even the largest organisations can take creative approaches to energy and waste management to address the climate crisis.

As environmental sustainability manager at the Sydney Opera House, Emma Bombonato helps determine the trajectory of the iconic institution’s sustainability program. 

The Opera House is a world-leader in sustainability. It was the first heritage building in Australia to achieve a 5-star green rating and achieved carbon neutrality five years ahead of schedule. Bombonato and her team are currently focussed on making the building and organisation climate positive.

She talks exclusively to Jarrod Reedie about how sustainability is key to the Sydney Opera House’s performance and ongoing status as one of the world’s most iconic heritage and entertainment sites and what the ultimate goal of this sustainability focus is, now on the 50th anniversary of its completion.