Nazli Almasirad (left),¬†National Architectural Manager at Siniat Australia has been with the business since 2010 and leads the company’s architectural strategy nationwide with a keen eye for emerging trends and a deep understanding of market dynamics.¬†

Nazli is committed to sustainable practices, strategic product development and forward-thinking innovation to foster better ways of living in the construction industry.

Patrick Jeannerat (right), Head of Carbon and Circularity with the consulting firm Perspektiv Australia, a small bunch of sustainability experts dedicating their work to finding a better way.

As an engineer and leader of a small team of specialists, Patrick is on a mission to accelerate net positive and regenerative outcomes for organisations.

Together, they explain how acoustics matter in aged care design and how choosing the right materials helps not only manage acoustics, but also sustainability and resilience outcomes as well.

This Podcast was brought to you by Siniat, sponsors of our Aged & Healthcare series.

  • Published: March 12, 2024   
  • Categories: Aged Care